Welcome to Muskoka Aikido Dojo

Based in Bracebridge Ontario, the Muskoka Aikido Dojo aims to teach
the benefits of Aikido. We offer courses for adults and teens (Grade 9 or above).
Located at the Muskoka Kickboxing Club in Bracebridge you are more than
welcome to come out and join us!

For more information, please contact info@muskokaaikido.ca

Dojo is located at:
Muskoka Kickboxing
35 Mantioba Street
Bracebridge, ON



Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art of self-defence. The word Aikido is written in Japanese with three characters that translate as “The Way of Spiritual Harmony”.  In Aikido, a unique approach is exercised to handle an attack. Rather than clashing with or blocking the attack, Aikido’s circular flowing techniques blend with it. The attack is welcomed, enveloped, absorbed, and then redirected by the mind and actions of the Aikidoka (aikido practioner).

Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), the founder of Aikido is known to his students as O-Sensei (Great Teacher). After mastering many martial arts, his spiritual struggle led to the development of Aikido. Ueshiba’s goal was to create an art that practitioners could use to defend themselves while also protecting their attacker from injury.




  • Self Control
  • Self Defence
  • Heightened Awareness
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Social Camaraderie